Klein Curacao, a tropical paradise

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I've been looking forward to today's trip all week hoping that there would be beautiful blue skies and steady wind. Although the wind decided never to show, we still had a blast on and in the crystal clear waters of Klein Curacao.

This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world and hands down for Curacao territory. I knew it would be a perfect place to shoot for BeachStyle regardless of whether there was wind or not; the clear waters, clean sand, iconic lighthouse and an old shipwreck in the background helped make it so.

We shot some video and took lots of great photos with the great scenery. The Team was able to enjoy a few slight gusts of wind and worked on some light-wind tricks which are also always impressive, especially for those who have tried to stand on one of those freestyle boards without moving.

It was such a clear day that we could see three countries around us; not common.
Below you can see Curacao behind Felix and Kaj as they chill by their sets and are obviously still in Klein Curacao waters.

To the right of the lighthouse in the following picture you can see Bonaire; a nearing island with a population of almost 16,000.

On the other side of the camera you can see Venezuela's mountains. I don't have a picture but here's a photo of a curious turtle instead.

I took the above picture right when we arrived. This little guy approached the boat to check out what was up and popped his hard little head out for a deep breath before disappearing back towards the lively reef. There are a few patches of sea grass where tons of young sea turtles feast on 'turtle weed' and for the rest they seem to be aimlessly swimming around just to make this location even more enjoyable.
I wish I could have made a dive or at least went free diving today...

I really wanted to enjoy a kite session today, at least for a few minutes, but the wind never picked up enough to make it worth while. So I borrowed Felix's windsurf set and tried my hand at that, that's sure been a while! In addition, we made sure to enjoy every last second we had in the area by snorkeling, taking pictures, shooting video, jumping off the tower and simply enjoying the perfect sea & sun destination by laying in the water and chilling.

We brought a friend and photographer Stef Anemaat who took many of these great pictures. This picture above of Felix diving into the blue is pretty badass in my opinion.

So here we lie in a Caribbean paradise, miles away from civilization and worry where it remains clear why so many people ask me why I ever wanted to leave this place, and especially, for Boston. Naturally, I have my answers.

Of course, the fun does not end there. After accepting the fact that we couldn't stay on Klein Curacao forever we dragged our burned and salty selves back to Curacao and wrapped everything up. The next destination for most of us was one of Curacao's biggest events, surely the biggest in music; the North Sea Jazz Festival! Above you can see the sunset behind the beach on which this colossal event was held and below you can see the stage featuring Mana.

This was the second night of the festival which included artists like Santana, Alicia Keys, Mana and many more, and I definitely enjoyed the show! As surprise MC we had Jandino an Antillean comedian who is very popular now in Holland with the 'Dino Show.'
It was a long night after a long day and with this group of great people, I enjoyed every second of it!

I love my job!

September 23, 2013 by Seaval BeachStyle

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