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Merging the natural aesthetic of Earth’s organic materials with today’s sleek looks, modern technology and clean finish; that’s what we were thriving for. A unique watch that could handle your extreme surroundings when you're outdoors, and stylishly reflect that same strength under a suit.

We took a sustainable route with high quality Maple and Black Ash wood for the dial of the watch to give it a nice clean look with a prominent natural grain.
Each of our watches is completely unique because no two wood faces are the same.We finally found the perfect strap to go with it! The thick and sturdy genuine leather is held together firmly by an elegant stitch along the edge. Clasped with a bold buckle and strong Stainless Steel parts, you won’t expect to lose this watch during strenuous activities.

The hands: Simplicity is very important to us. That’s why you also won’t find our logo on the dial. But the hands are just as important. We used very sleek steel hands  to tell the time and a light blue second hand for our light models. The dark hands neatly blend in with the wood but are easily distinguished when checking the time. It just looks super sleek.

The Case Back of the watch is also pretty damn cool. An engraved wood grain depicts the opposite side and is secured firmly to avoid any sort of water, dust or debris entering your timepiece.

Of course, we wanted a durable watch for when we’re on the water so we made sure our watch is at least 10ATM waterproof! Hence the hefty and highly effective crown on the side. The leather is recommended to keep dry for extra longevity however to our experience it handles the water very well.



  • Waterproof : We’re surfers..
  • Shock resistant : We crash pretty hard
  • Comfortable : Never need to take it off
  • High Quality Movement : Yes, it’s Swiss :)


  • Natural Aesthetic : Design based on our natural Caribbean surroundings.
  • Materials: We always integrate Earth’s organic materials with today’s best metals.
  • Modern : We incorporated durable modern technology with a sleek, clean finish.
  • Universal : Appropriate for all occasions; business, casual, sporty or chic.
  • Sexy: Have to be the best looking wooden watches on the market. Check.


  • 50mm Case Diameter
  • 14mm Case Thickness
  • 24mm Strap Width