Our first product, the Seaval Shades, were pioneered by surfers in the Caribbean, designed and perfected in Boston, California and Indonesia and now available around the world! 

The goal was to create top quality functional fashion accessories with the most sustainable methods and materials available for extreme athletes of various calibers and that is exactly what we did.


  • Waterproof : We’re surfers..
  • Shock resistant : We crash pretty hard
  • Comfortable : Never need to take it off
  • High Quality Movement : Yes, it’s Swiss :)


  • Natural Aesthetic : Design based on our natural Caribbean surroundings.
  • Materials: We always integrate Earth’s organic materials with today’s best metals.
  • Modern : We incorporated durable modern technology with a sleek, clean finish.
  • Universal : Appropriate for all occasions; business, casual, sporty or chic.
  • Sexy: Have to be the best looking wooden watches on the market. Check. 

"My kiteloop landed me face-first in the water while wearing my DIVERs. I was physically broken but my Shades were totally unharmed floating by my side." - Kitesurfer and Founder of Seaval BeachStyle 


  • All equipped with top-quality polarized Revo lenses
  • Kickass resistance against sun, salt and water
  • They Float! So don't lose them again, especially with those bright reflective lenses
  • Flexible/Durable stainless steel hinges
  • Made from bamboo, the most abundant and sustainable natural material
  • or Highly sought-after and luxurious Zebra Wood
  • Crafted through the most efficient and sustainable methods
  • Carved, warped, pressure treated, temperature regulated, multi-coated and thoroughly inspected for perfection