Team SEAVAL Currently dominates Caribbean waters with its windsurfers Kaj, Felix and Jean Patrick and Kitesurfers Chris and Hendrick!
Both windsurfers having extremely impressive backgrounds in past competitions and events and being mentored by world champion Taty Frans, making them two very promising riders for the future of windsurfing. Chris and Hendrick have repeatedly secured their first places on podiums during local and international kitesurf competitions and with their drive, they’re sure to keep it that way!
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Kaj Van Der Lubbe is a 16 year old windsurfer who always makes sure to be smiling on the podium after an organized day on the water. Reaching out on top of local events constantly, he also makes sure to become first place at other widely known international events such as the Aruba HiWinds!

At age 19 Felix Martina has been taking over every heat with his all around athleticism. Felix doesn’t just win local competitions in his age group but has also secured first place slalom and freestyle in Cabarete and remains the Prince of the hut in Aruba. He’s ready and looking forward to competing against the big guys in the near future!
In addition to Windsurfing, Felix is also a top wakeboarder and participates all sorts of extreme sports he gets the chance for.
Christiaan Zweers‘ homeland Bonaire is known for the impact it has had on wind sports and the many top athletes it has brewed over the years.
Learning from his father, the first kitesurfer on the island, and many others great athletes, Chris has grown to be one of the top kitesurfers in the area, not just competing in international tournaments but also smiling on third, second and now first place on the podium!
Although a exceptional former windsurfer, Hendrick Burgers quickly noticed the talent for kitesurfing that he shared with his father and brother. After several years of dominating local Caribbean waters, Hendrick is now kiting with the pros and his results are gaining traction exponentially.
With requests for endorsement and magazine interviews from all ends, Hendrick is proving to have a very promising future in kitesurfing and water sports!
As SEAVAL BeachStyle’s main slalom windsurfer, Jean Patrick van Der Wolde continues to take over the podium with every race.
At 17 JP is already a great competitor to the current world champions and stands smiling beside them as he comes closer and closer to taking over their position as number one!