• Waterproof : We’re surfers..
  • Shock resistant : We crash pretty hard
  • Comfortable : Never need to take it off
  • High Quality Movement : Yes, it’s Swiss :)
  • Natural Aesthetic : Design based on our natural Caribbean surroundings.
  • Materials: We always integrate Earth’s organic materials with today’s best metals.
  • Modern : We incorporated durable modern technology with a sleek, clean finish.
  • Universal : Appropriate for all occasions; business, casual, sporty or chic.
  • Sexy: Have to be the best looking wooden watches on the market. Check. 

"My kiteloop landed me face-first in the water while wearing my DIVERs. I was physically broken but my Shades were totally unharmed floating by my side." - Kitesurfer and Founder of Seaval BeachStyle 


  • All equipped with top-quality polarized Revo lenses
  • Kickass resistance against sun, salt and water
  • They Float! So don't lose them again, especially with those bright reflective lenses
  • Flexible/Durable stainless steel hinges
  • Made from bamboo, the most abundant and sustainable natural material
  • or Highly sought-after and luxurious Zebra Wood
  • Crafted through the most efficient and sustainable methods
  • Carved, warped, pressure treated, temperature regulated, multi-coated and thoroughly inspected for perfection