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The PowerBank2000 is a smart little package – and we really mean little! Weighing in at 80g it is the perfect size for your pocket. 

No pockets? No problem. The PB2000 has a nifty little clip so you can attach it to your jacket or skirt while you talk and charge your phone.

And when you’re all charged; PB2000 preserves its energy for the next time you need it.


Battery extension on phone
iPhone 4S ≥ 100%
iPhone 5 ≥ 100%
Samsung s7568 ≥ 100%
Samsung s7562 ≥ 100%
Samsung i9300

≥   80%



With so much smart technology squeezed into such a small, sleek design it’s easy to forget that the PB2000 packs a real punch in the power department. 

Clocking in at 10 hours of battery life, PB2000 gives you the largest amount of power possible whilst keeping size to a minimum. Which means more talk time, more music, more freedom – all in your hands.


Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh    
Battery Voltage: 3.7 V    
USB Input Voltage: 5 V    
USB Input Current: 700 mAh    
USB output Voltage: 5 V  


USB output Current:

1000 mAh